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Pest Control for Coral Gables takes pride in having some of the best Coral Gables bed bug exterminators. Recently, we’ve seen a pretty incredible increase in the amount of bed bug issues in the Coral Gables, Florida area. We aren’t certain as to why there’s a surge of bed bugs in Coral Gables, but we feel it can easily be due to the elevated swapping of used furniture and belongings and also the closeness of living quarters.

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We think we can all agree that bed bugs are totally revolting and no one wants them. They are definitely one of several pests that you can’t ignore. While you’re asleep, bed bugs come out to feed on you. They do this by piercing your skin with a stylet (which is part of the mouth). The stylet, that has small teeth, penetrates through your skin in order to find your blood vessels; their food. A bed bug typically feeds on a human for five minutes before retreating to its hiding spot. The bed bug will concurrently insert saliva into the body of the human it is feasting on. This spit can create swelling and trigger intense itching.

It’s not unusual to not notice the bed bugs themselves. They’ll usually hide in the cracks around your bed and lay their eggs within the seams of the bed. In many instances, people don’t know they have bed bugs until they have been attacked during sleep. An additional way to determine bed bugs, other than having a lot of red bite marks on your body, is to notice blood or fecal spots on your sheets or any of your bedding.  Call 305-240-6720 and schedule your inspection today!

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